Latitude 0°22.187'N - Longitude: 6°42.722'E

Latitude 0°22'11''N - Longitude: 6°42'43''E

Praia Nazaré

Apartado 89

São Tomé

São Tomé & Príncipe                          

(=> via Lisbon, Portugal)

São Tomean post works well!

But please WRITE CLEARLY on any parcel or letter to São Tomé "via Lisbon - Portugal" in order to avoid that it should be sent through any other African country!



emergency number (cell):

cell phone:

+239   2  220 217

+239   2  220 218

+239   9  990 917

+239   9  917 917

for cheaper calls

  1. *these two numbers are like ordinary landline numbers but re-directed via Internet to my office in São Tomé: 


  1. *calling these numbers you'll only be charged at your local rates for calling a  

  Swiss or a Portuguese landline phone. In general this is cheap, but please 

  check directly with your telephone service provider if you have any doubts

  1. *still problems with dialling "SAO TOME"..? This will help you 


   (you might loose now 3 minutes, but you'll never forget my number again..!)

VoiP (.ch):   

VoIP  (.pt):

  +41  71 SAO TOME  *

+351  21 SAO TOME  *